About Me!

Erin here- Photographer and hopeless romantic! I’m a photographer in Springfield Missouri that realized a special need…. a need for romance… a need for organization…. a need for creativity…..   In Proposals! Let’s face it, asking someone to marry you is a BIG DEAL, and it’s hard… I’m here to help! Whether it’s just the planning/idea stage, or the set up, or secretly shooting the whole affair, I’m here with you every step of the way. You’re working with The ‘Ask’ Expert 😉

Want to Pick My Brain?

The Process

1. Consultation

This is when I get to know about your partner, your relationship, and your ideas! We’ll sit down and come up with a plan- something that is unique that we know they are going to love!

2. Preparation

Roses? Check! Candles? Check! Setting up the location? Check! Don’t have time for the errands and running around? What about setting up on the big day? I’ve got you!

3. Shooting

Now it’s time to hide and the fun begins! I’ll be lurking in the shadows (that sounds creepy…) so I can capture that YES moment! Trust me, every girl or guy wants that moment captured forever!

Me and my fiancé Jordan couldn’t have been more happy working with Erin. She helped him plan our engagement by being in constant contact with him and even setting everything up for him. She was able to make the proposal feel personal and she went above and beyond by wearing camo and hiding so I couldn’t see her at all. What makes all of this even better she did all of this on her birthday. Afterwards she also took our engagement photos and was wonderful. She told us what to do but still let us be ourselves which is hard to find in a photographer. Can’t wait to work with her again for my wedding photos and any other photos I could possibly need! ~ Skylar

My Work!



Game Plan — Go!


Just need help with coming up with a unique and creative idea? We’ll brain storm together and come up with a way to ask that she’ll never forget!

Errands & Set Up

Time to Execute!


You’ve got a plan, but logistics is where you’re lacking? I’ve got you!

*You cover expenses

Secret Photography

With my Ninja Skills!


Needing the secret photographer to capture the moment? I’m totally there… with camo on!

Book the Consultation, the Set Up and the Photography and get the Consultation for FREE!

$750 for the whole kit and caboodle!

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