Fun Fact: Dylan & Kayla both applied for the Grand Proposal Giveaway, AND THEY WON! Dylan’s nomination was just filled to the brim with love – You couldn’t help but shed a tear and laugh out loud while reading his entry. From Dylan’s Entry: “I don’t deserve crap. Kayla deserves the best. She deserves something grand, something magical that sweeps her off her feet and that she never forgets. You will never know a harder working or more loving person in your entire life.” From Kayla’s Entry: “Dylan wants to buy a very expensive ring and have a huge wedding reception, but what could care less if it was a plastic ring and the court house. I just want to be with him.”

Fun Fact: We planned for the proposal to happen at Kayla’s grandmother’s house, where the two of them said ‘I love you’ for the first time. We created a fake Christmas gathering and the whole family was in on it! The day before the proposal I went down and set up a spot in the woods with twinkle lights, tinsel, rose petals and candles. The day of the proposal, Kayla’s brother was going to blindfold half of the family for a ‘surprise’ but it would actually only be Dylan leading Kayla down to their spot. He would untie the blindfold, let her marvel at the beautiful scene, and hit his knee. Unfortunately…. Kayla woke up the day of the proposal with a 102 degree fever and unable to get out of bed…. The proposal was canceled.

Fun Fact: We didn’t think we could convincingly get the family together and try again without throwing up some red flags for Kayla, so we decided to do something locally. We were going to set up the lights, roses and candles at a local gazebo and let them stroll in the park and walk up to this beautiful scene. What about January 1st? New year, new beginnings, and by that time Kayla should be healthier right? No. Park is closed, Kayla is still sick, and with the wind chill it’s -10 degrees outside.

Fun Fact: Third time’s the charm! We chose what was going to be the warmest day that week and Dylan was going to pump Kayla full of meds. The plan was for him to make dinner reservations, and to pass the time they would stop at the park and enjoy the one day of decent weather in between all the cold, nasty days. THIS TIME IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

Fun Fact: Luisa from CornerStone Jewelry, my friend (and past proposal recipient) Bri, and myself went to the park to set everything up. It was all going smoothly until we realized that the generator wasn’t going to work (We even asked a few strangers with bigger biceps to help and it still wouldn’t work!) I had my power convertor that hooks onto my car battery in the trunk so we decided to give it a try… But we only have so many extension cords… But we have all these extra light strands… Volia! We’ll use the extra light strands as extension cords to reach the car 30 feet away. We got it done about 3 minutes before Dylan and Kayla came strolling up the path!

As they strolled up the path, we flipped the inverter switch to turn on the lights. Dylan gave this beautiful speech about meeting in high school, the ups and downs of their last 7 years, and how he couldn’t imagine going through life with anyone else.

GP_180109_409490 copy

Kayla’s face was priceless! And she absolutely loved the ring 🙂 I think it’s a huge step up from a plastic one! CornerStone is seriously the best! 

Congratulations Dylan and Kayla, you truly deserved a Grand Proposal and I can’t wait to see how the rest of your lives unfold together!