On the day of your proposal, you’ll be stressed out beyond belief. There is no sugar-coating it. You want everything to be perfect, and you want her to say yes. But how do you sneak away to set up your proposal when you’re with her? Have you thought out your plan completely? How are you going to capture the moment? These are some things to consider when thinking about your proposal. Having a proposal planner and photographer can make all of these questions 100 times easier to answer, and here’s why:

You can’t sneak away. Like we said before, if you are with your soon-to-be fiancé the whole day, how do you get away to set up your proposal? With a proposal planner, you can spend every single second of the day with her while the planner takes care of everything – all you have to worry about is figuring out what to say during the proposal!

You might not be the most creative/romantic guy on the planet. It’s totally okay! That’s what planners are here for. You obviously want the best proposal for your girl, but you have no idea where to start. Proposal planners have seen and done everything – we guarantee they can come up with an idea that is not only unique, but tailored to fit you and your personality.

You have an idea, but don’t know how to implement it. We’ve all had grand ideas that we’re not sure how to follow through with. However, proposing shouldn’t be one of them! Even if your idea is for a mass flash mob in the middle of the city, your proposal planner can handle the logistics of it. Just think about it: You don’t know that many people willing to do a flash mob in the middle of the day or exactly where it should happen – but your planner will. He or she will have connections you can’t imagine and will be able to coordinate your idea to its fullest potential.

You want something unique. Don’t think that because you are hiring a proposal planner, it means that you’ll get a generic, cookie-cutter proposal idea. The whole reason why they are in business, is because they have the creative mind to make unique ideas. Put your faith in a proposal planner and you won’t have to worry about a boring idea, we promise.

You want to remember the memory. Hiring a photographer can be one of the best decisions you will make when it comes to your proposal. Getting those kodak moments will help you remember every single second of that perfect proposal. Even if it means hiding in the woods, your photographer should be able to capture that passionate proposal moment without hindering your privacy.

“The proposal has to be a surprise,” “I want it to be perfect,” and “It has to be unique and something she’ll love” are all things you’re probably saying. Having a proposal planner and a photographer can solve all of your proposal problems – even if you are one thousand miles away and hoping to propose on the one day you’ll be back home, your planner can make it happen. To get a two-in-one package, I Do Proposals does both at the same time – with a photographer and creative planner within the same company, there’s a guarantee that everything will work in unison.

Proposal Planner + Photographer + Ring = Perfect Proposal